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Housing Information Service (Information Magazine)

We publish information magazines separately for condominiums, free-standing houses, custom-built houses and remodeling.

SUUMO's New Apartments

This is a free magazine for those wanting to purchase a new apartment. The magazine includes an "Apartment survey" in which our reporter features each apartment's charms and neighboring area along with other special articles regarding house buying know-how and mortgages, to provide you with helpful information when choosing your home.
The magazine is published biweekly in total 7 different areas (5 for the Tokyo area, 1 for Kansai, and 1 for Nagoya), and it is available for free.

SUUMO magazine

This is a free local magazine for those who have already chosen which area they would like to live in. Information is categorized under freestanding houses, apartments and properties. It introduces full color photographs of the exterior and interior appearance of buildings and floor plans in full color.
There are 4 versions in total. (Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka) / Biweekly / Free

SUUMO Custom Built houses

This is a free newspaper that contains feature articles and listings of companies concerned with custom-built houses (major housing construction companies, local housing construction companies and contractors).
Within its pages, one will find themes that are of great interest to people beginning to consider building their own home, such as the floor plan of a custom-built house, the process of building a house and the construction costs, and all this advice is published free-of-charge.
There are also permanently staffed Suumo Counters available that can recommend construction companies and request estimates.

There are 9 editions in total (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Tokai, Osaka, Hyogo, Hokkaido and Fukuoka) published monthly free-of-charge.

City life by SUMMO

This is a commercially available monthly magazine featuring lifestyle articles and premium housing information unique to the heart of Tokyo, namely Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Bunkyo-ku and Shinjuku-ku. It includes special articles focusing on useful information regarding the value of real estate and life in the heart of the metropolis, and other housing information focused on new apartments in the center of Tokyo.
There is one version. (Focusing on metropolitan area) / Bimonthly


This is a monthly national magazine that focuses on house builders and information regarding equipment and building materials. It provides actual building examples, know-how to deal with floor plans, money and building houses and information regarding items used in house building. This magazine comes in handy to use as a reference to imagine what it would be like to build your ideal house and to select a building company. You can request all the brochures together.
There is one version. (Available across the country) / Monthly

SUUMO Custom Built houses

This is a housing information magazine that provides the information regarding local building companies and builders to local people. The magazine is full of house building information, including a "Housing Visit Survey" featuring houses built in actuality, a "Custom Housing Survey" featuring companies specialized in custom house building, and a "Tours & Events Information" corner featuring tours in which you can actually see what the built houses are like, and other events. You can request all the materials together.
Total 15 versions / Published quarterly

SUUMO Remodeling

This information magazine fully provides basic knowledge and know-how for those who are having their home remodeled for the first time, actual examples and information regarding remodeling companies and equipment. It also includes a wide array of tips and information to solve any issues you may be facing, such as feeling that your home has gotten old, is cold, dark, or that there are some rooms that you are not making the most out of.
There is one version. (Available across the country) / Biweekly

SUUMO Refurbishing Book, with actual examples to and remodeling companies information

This is a magazine for anybody who is considering refurbishing their home to better suit their taste and lifestyle. It features information regarding local refurbishing companies that can perform construction jobs in the Tokyo and Kansai areas, and you can select your favorite based on their actual construction samples and strong points. You can request brochures regarding all samples and companies that you are interested in at once.
There are 2 versions. (Metropolitan area version and Kansai version) / Published quarterly

Let's purchase a used property and remodel it. By SUUMO

This information magazine is for those who are looking to purchase a used property to change its floor plan and design according to their taste within a specific budget. Featured articles provide plenty of insight regarding going rates, loans, how to choose a property, and how to proceed with purchasing and refurbishing a home. It also includes a samples of houses refurbished to create a special space, and information regarding refurbishing companies. You can request more information from all refurbishing companies that you are interested in at once.
There is one version. (Metropolitan area version) / Published irregularly