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Housing Services (SUUMO Counter)

We stand on neutral ground and provide in person consultation services along with telephonic and online consultation services to recommend a variety of companies that would suit your needs whether you are buying a new apartment, a custom-built house, or remodeling your home.

SUUMO Counter New Apartments

The Suumo Counter New Apartments offers free consultation services to look for an apartment. At our counters, you will find Recruit advisors who will help you organize your living requirements according to your wishes, and who will stand on neutral ground as they introduce you to a variety of prospective properties. We efficiently support your search for an apartment with other services as well, such as taking appointments for model room visits for you. In addition, we also hold free seminars where you can learn the basics that you need to know if you are considering purchasing your first house.

SUUMO Counter Custom-built Houses

The SUUMO Counter Custom-Built Houses offers free consultation regarding custom-built houses. All of our counters are permanently staffed with Recruit advisors with high expertise in the fields of house building and choosing a construction company. We stand on neutral ground in order to provide you with objective information as we introduce you to your desired house building companies and engineering firms to support your experience building your home. In addition, we hold free seminars where you can learn the basics about custom-built homes.

SUUMO Counter Remodelling

This is a face-to-face service in which our specialized advisors provide seminars, individual consultations, and company introductions for those considering remodeling their home. We support your remodeling experience by standing on neutral ground to introduce you to remodeling companies that suit your needs, and to clear away any worries, trouble, or questions that you may have.