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Information concerning recruitment at Recruit Sumai Company

Recruit Sumai Company meets individuals' career aspirations in its recruitment of diverse talent.

Mid-Career Employee Recruitment

Internet Business (Planning, Marketing, Data, Designer)

In the field of housing and living, a major trend called "ReTech" (real estate tech) has arrived, and IT-based transformation is sweeping through the industry. SUUMO, which boasts top-class customer research among real estate and housing information sites in Japan, must continue to innovate through IT. In order to build an overwhelming advantage in IT, the company seeks members who will exert their capabilities to the fullest and who will shoulder the work of enhancing product value and business value.

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Web Producer (Product Planning)
Web Producer (Product Owner, Planner)
Data Scientist
(Data Analyst, Data Scientist)
Data Scientist
(Machine Leaning Engineer, Analytical Platform Engineer)
Data Architect
Web Editing,
Content Marketing Staff
New Business Development, Product Owner
Internet Business Strategy Staff
Brand Strategy Manager
Service Development Director
UI Designer, Art Director

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Solutions Sales

Solutions Sales Staff propose plans that leverage SUUMO to resolve the customer attraction issues of the real estate companies, apartment developers, housing manufacturers, construction firms, and other companies that make up our clients. Going beyond customer attraction, they offer suggestions and support for resolving other business issues as well. Representatives also become involved in consideration of clients' brand strategies, proposals for personnel measures, and urban development that brings together NPOs and local government bodies. They are able to acquire abilities to take a broad overview of matters, to analyze and identify essential issues, to put forth proposals toward resolving issues, and to involve many stakeholders in moving projects forward.

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Housing Adviser

Advisers work to introduce new apartments and construction firms to customers who wish to purchase new apartments or build houses. Specifically, advisers organize the requirements of customers who call or visit the SUUMO Counter, address their unease and doubts, and offer proposals and support optimized for the customers' circumstances and needs.

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Call Staff

Call Staff provide telephone support to clients on behalf of sales representatives. They offer wide-ranging support including follow-up on using SUUMO features, discussions with clients concerning issues, and advice on creating draft copy to correctly communicate the appeal of clients' properties to customers.

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Corporate Staff

Corporate Staff support the management of Recruit Sumai Company in areas including business planning, personnel, public relations, and general affairs.

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Inquiries Concerning Recruitment

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