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President's Message


To create "The Norms of the Future" for the living sector centered on the home.

Starting with our first issue of "Housing information" in 1976, our business has grown thanks to the support of customers looking for homes, as well as people from many industries.

With the rapid progress of current technology, the world is constantly changing. The same can be said for the living sector, with its focus on the home. Even life with smartphones, which is considered so commonplace now, was, until ten years ago, only a dream. So what way of living will be considered commonplace in five or ten years' time?

To keep that image in mind, and drive the advancement of the living sector by continuously innovating to create "The Norms of the Future".
We believe it is exactly that, that we at Recruit Sumai Company demand.

To ensure that customers feel appreciation for our company and services even 10 and 20 years from now, we will continue working to expand our knowledge and further hone our specialized expertise.

We invite you to hold high expectations for our activities, as we take a new step into the future.

Recruit Sumai Company Ltd.
Ken Asano, Representative Director and President