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1976 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Tokyo metropolitan area edition
1978 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Kansai edition
1979 Start of screening functions
1980 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Tokai edition
1981 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Hokkaido edition, Kyushu edition
1982 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Tohoku edition
1983 First publication of "HOUSING JOHO" (Currently: SUUMO HOUSING)
1990 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" Chugoku edition
First publication of "HOSHII RESORT"
1995 First publication of "SHUKAN CHINTAI SPECIAL"
1996 Launch of "JUTAKU JOHO On the Net" → Changed to ISIZE in
1999 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" area edition
2000 Launch of survey of trends in new condominium buyers
2001 First publication of "TOSHIN NI SUMU" (Currently: TOSHIN NI SUMU by SUUMO)
Publication of the Magazine-Book "KANAGAWA DE IE WO TATERU" (Currently CHUUMON JUTAKU by SUUMO)
2002 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO TOWNS" (Currently: SUUMO Magazine) in the Tokyo metropolitan area
2004 Renewal of trading domain from "ISIZE JUTAKU JOHO" to "JUTAKU JOHO NAVI" (Currently: SUUMO); Also started "HOUSING NAVI"
First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO TOWNS" in the Kansai area
2005 First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO MANSIONS" in the Tokyo metropolitan area
First publication of "JUTAKU JOHO TOWNS" (Currently: SUUMO SHINCHIKU MANSION) in the Tokai area
Opening of First Store (Yokohama) for HOUSING NAVI COUNTER (Currently: SUUMO COUNTER CHUMON JUTAKU)
2006 Opening of First Store (Ginza) for MANSION NAVI COUNTER (Currently: SUUMO COUNTER SHINCHIKU MANSION)
Business alliance with HOMEPRO CO., LTD.
Commencement of business activities by RECRUIT FORRENT INSURE, CO., LTD.
2007 First Publication of "JUTAKU JOHO MANSIONS" Area Edition, Kansai Edition
Development of comprehensive website for "JUTAKU JOHO NAVI"
Publication of "JUTAKU JOHO TOWNS" in Sapporo, Sendai, and Fukuoka
2009 Unification of brands to "SUUMO"
2010 Launch of smartphone version of SUUMO
Website services (Website production service for real estate business operators)
Opening of the SUUMO Housing Exhibition Site
Commencement of non-face-to-face SUUMO COUNTER service via the Internet
Release of "Official SUUMO Twitter Page"
Launch of "SUUMO Official Fan Page" on Facebook
2011 Release of "SUUMO JOURNAL"
2012 Started "SUUMO Moving Estimate" service
Started "SUUMO Official Google+" service
2014 Started "SUUMO Housing Service"
Started "SUUMO Nursing Care" (Beta version) service
2015 Opened the 1st "SUUMO Counter Remodel" store (Yokohama)