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Living Services

We provide a variety of service to improve your quality of life.

SUUMO Moving Estimate

Request the estimate of your moving costs for free from carefully selected moving companies all around Japan. You can check the estimates from each company online and select your preferred company by yourself in a completely stress free process. SUUMO Moving Estimate provides plenty of useful information and know-how.

SUUMO Homemaker Service

Request professionals from carefully selected companies to provide you with useful services in daily life such as house cleaning and homemaking (cleaning, tidying up, etc.) Compare prices and revise of homemaking services for houses or apartments, and make an online reservation.

SUUMO Nursing Care Service

Search pay nursing homes and houses for elderly people with service. The service provides plenty of information regarding the characteristics of houses for the elderly of all ages, nursery care services and the cost of them. We deliver user's opinions too, so you can find the most suitable home to your needs even if this is your first time looking for a pay nursing home. Information regarding the Tokyo and Fukuoka are available.