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President's Message


The Recruit Sumai Company was created as a housing domain specialist within the Recruit Group. Beginning with the first publication of "JUTAKU JOHO" (Housing Information) in 1976, our business has continued to grow to this day, supported by large numbers of individual customers searching for housing, and numerous companies. We have now become "Recruit Sumai Company," an independent company specializing in the housing field. We now have a structure in place to speed up business operations even more than before and devote all our efforts to driving the advancement of the housing domain.

What can we do for customers searching for housing and companies providing housing-related services? In addition to providing matching-type services as before, we believe that Recruit Sumai Company is being called upon to continuously achieve innovation to create "The Norms of the Future," with the aim of driving the advancement of the housing field.

To ensure that customers continue to express appreciation for our company and services 10 years and 20 years from now, we will continue working to expand our knowledge even more than before, while further honing our specialized expertise.

We invite you to hold high expectations for our activities, as we take a new step into the future.

Takahiro Noguchi, Representative Director and President
Recruit Sumai Company, Ltd.